Let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest height!Ā 

Year three and Class 7 have been busy designing, planning and making their very own kites linked to our topic Blown Away. 

The children were set the task to help Penguin Blue and his friends find their way back to Antarctica by making a kite to blow them back home. During our DT week at the end of last term, each member of Class 7 spent time creating clever plans and elaborate designs for kites. We settled on the correct type of material to use, based on whether it would be light enough to fly high in to the big blue sky and be wide enough to catch the wind.

We had to use the correct tools, measure accurately and make sure all the pieces were firmly attached! It was hard work! Lots of teamwork and evidence of our school value, Cooperation, being followed.

Here’s how we got on! Even Mr Bradley didn’t mind the mess! šŸ˜‰


Staying to lunch, the ‘big’ playground and P.E.Ā 


The last couple of weeks have provided our Reception children with lots more new experiences at schoolā€¦ We have ventured out from our Reception unit into the wider world of the school; joining the rest of the infants for morning playtime in the ā€˜bigā€™ playground at the back of the school, having our first P.E. session with Mrs Dove and staying for lunch, which has created much excitement! šŸ˜‹

We have lost count of how many times we have been asked,

ā€œIs it lunchtime yet?ā€

This often being the first question we are asked as the children have stepped through the door in the morning!

Once lunchtime has finally arrived, we have been extremely impressed by how well the children have behaved; lining up quietly, being polite to our cook and kitchen staff and their independence at the tables, including lovely table manners. We have had many clean plates beingā€¦

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Today year 3 ventured in to Cheltenham to visit the literature festival. The author on offer was Rob Biddulph – a perfect fit for our topic ‘Blown Away’!

He explained a little about how he became a writer and illustrator and then read two of his three published books to us. These were ‘Grrr’ and ‘Odd Dog Out’.

The children had a fantastic time and we even got to make the Grr-o-meter swing to a full 10 as well as design our own Odd Dog Out! 

Learning how to draw Fred the Bear was particularly interesting and we had a go when we got back to class – even Mr Bradley attempted it!