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Maths Week Madness!

What a week we have had! Our maths week has been a great success and the children have loved working with a mathematical twist. And it’s not over yet!

On Monday in maths, I set the children a riddle to solve. Lots of problem solving fun was had by all!

The children had to solve the problem to help the Egyptian farmer move his three belongings across the River Nile!

He had grain, a chicken and a fox.

He had to get the all the items across the river safely without anything getting eaten!

The children worked in groups of 4 or 5 and discussed possible solutions to the riddle. They worked really well and were asking each other lots of questions like….

“Can we take the chicken first?”

“Can the farmer swim?”

“Can we have an extra boat?”

“Can I put the fox in the bag of grain?”

“Is the fox a vegetarian?”

“Can I carry more than 1 item at a time?”

After an initial group discussion and a chance to test different ideas, Ioffered to give the children a little nudge in the right direction and gave them a clue…

“Don’t forget the farmer has to come back. He can only carry one thing at a time!”

Eventually, Josh from class 9 came and asked…

“Can the farmer take an item back with him once he has crossed the river?”

This led to Tilly also finding a solution to the problem as well.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the session and were begging for more problems to solve through the rest of the week.

As the week went on, the children had yet more mathematical fun. They completed maths trials around the school in small groups, worked with Egyptian hieroglyphics and completed more puzzles and problems.

By Wednesday, the farmer was back and needing more help. This time he needed a boat, and needed the help of the maths group in order to carry himself and 5 cubes across the River Nile.

The children divided themselves in to small groups and off they went…










After much deliberation, the children settled on the idea that the easiest way to make their boats was to create a 3D shape net such as a cube or a cuboid. Much more discussion went on, and the children led their own learning, deciding they needed squared paper to help them create their net.

By Thursday, the children were raring to go. Squared paper in hand, and the use of polygon to create their nets first helped. I was very impressed with the care taken to measure and draw their nets accurately. It was also good to see that some children had chosen nets for other 3D shapes.














Once Friday comes around we will hopefully get the chance to test out our new boats and see if they work as planned! Fingers crossed!